About Us

Our barbershop is the territory created purely for men who appreciate premium quality, time and flawless look.

Our services spectrum encompasses many techniques and procedures – from straight razor shaving and hairstyling to beard care and eyebrow grooming. At our place, you have a chance to have your precious hair taken care of, sipping premium whisky and listening to nice music.

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What We Do

We run a men’s barbershop in its best traditions. Our team will help you look
stylish and confident, and most importantly, manly.

At the same time you will enjoy a wonderful, friendly atmosphere of a cool barbershop while sipping your favourite soft drink, beer or Irish whisky.

There is always a good selection of beers and whiskys, Red Bull or Coke in our fridge, as well as freshly grinded coffees or teas.

All FREE for customers!


For premium result, at our barbershop we combine modern shaving products and tools with traditional techniques of hot towel shave art.

Hot Towel Shave (a proper gentleman`s wet shave) – 5600 HUF (18 EUR)
Head Shave (Pre-shave oils, hot towel head shave with straight razor, post-shave balm and oils.) – 3600 HUF (11 EUR)

FREE drink of your choice with all services.


Any cut to your taste followed by a shave with straight razor, skin toner and shoulder massage.

Gépi Hajvágás (machine all-over)
2200 HUF(7 EUR)
Gépi Hajvágás + átmenet (machine all-over with fade)
3600 HUF(11 EUR)
Felnőt hajvágás/Átmenet (regular/fades)
4300 HUF(14 EUR)
Kis urak 12 éves korig (small gentleman)
3200 HUF(10 EUR)
Kreativ (creative haircut)
5300HUF(17 EUR)

NOTE: If you want us to make a Skin Fade we`ll charge 1000 HUF extra for this service.

FREE drink of your choice with all services.


Keep looking your best with regular mustache and beard trimming. Just stop by for a facial hair procedure!

Szakáll igazitás (beard trim)
2700 HUF(8 EUR)
Premium szakáll igazitás ( premium beard trim)
3600 HUF(12 EUR)
Szakáll festés (beard colouring-dye)
3000 HUF(9 EUR)
Bajusz igazitás (mustache trim)
1700 HUF(6 EUR)

FREE drink of your choice with all services.


We offer discounts for some specific professions, students or seniors as well as gift vouchers and loyalty program.

FREE drink of your choice with all services.


Friendly, fast and professional. Good atmosphere and they speak english. Had a really good experience. Truly recommended.

Sandor Domonkos Hajdu

Fantastic barbershop! Really nice and cosy place, Eliza and Tom have really set up my mood for the rest of the day with magnificent haircut, beard trim and and a good portion of laughter. Keep up the good work guys! Thanks and see you again in few weeks.

Stephen Tooly

I have seen a sponsored post on facebook about the barbershop, and that time I needed a haircut ASAP, I called the one where I used to go but there was no any sooner appointment. I told myself you should try The Celtic Barber Budapest. Once I got there, I have got a friendly atmosphere provided by Eliza and Thomas, great environment, definitely has a flavor to it that makes it unique. I have been living in Hungary for almost 3 years, and I always struggling with the barber to explain how I want my haircut, but at The Celtic Barber, I could easily get a great listeners who deliver what you ask for precisely, and also offer great advices. Prices are generally the same as most other shops but the talent and staff outmeasures your average hair salon. Seriously if you haven’t heard of scissors-over-comb, go in and experience it as a STANDARD, you won’t even have to ask. This place is just amazing!

Khalil Mebarkia

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